Welcome to the new website of Sturdee Social & Bowling Club. We hope you like the new layout, which should be more accessible from mobile devices than our previous one.
Sturdee Bowls & Lawn Tennis Club was founded on 1906. In 1932 the Social Club was added under WMCIU regulation. The tennis courts were concreted over in the 1970's (and became the rear car park) and the club name changed to Sturdee Social & Bowling Club towards the end of the decade. We currently have over 1100 members and overall management of the club is by a committee elected yearly from those members. The bowls club retains its autonomy within the club and has its own management arrangements whilst sharing the facilities.
To paraphrase our club constitution "The objects of the club are to afford its members the means of social interaction, mutual helpfulness, mental & moral improvement and rational recreation". We aim to provide a safe, family friendly environment for our members. Members may choose to become CIU Associates, allowing them access to other CIU clubs. Members families are welcome and members may sign in guests. Through the years various sub-societies have existed within the club, including "The Golf Society" and "The Fishing Society" and their continuation is down to the enthusiasm of the members running them.
We encourage many charitable activities and in 2022 we held 3 open days in aid of charity.
Normal Opening Hours
Day Hours
Monday 12:00-23:00
Tuesday 12:00-23:00
Wednesday 12:00-23:00
Thursday 12:00-23:00
Friday 12:00-23:30
Saturday 12:00-23:30
Sunday 12:00-23:00
For other deviations from these normal hours see the News Page